Another Mama Bear Saves Her Children

Why do I love posting these stories? Well, I always get a thrill out of seeing a gunpowder n’ lead woman empowered enough to defend herself, and the whole point of my website is to encourage other women to consider what it takes to do the same for themselves. We don’t have to be shrinking violets when we are threatened.

But just as important as being properly equipped — that’s the easy part — is being mentally prepared. If I can find a news clip that advances psychological protection then I can’t wait to share it. So, we owe a giant thanks to Martha Lewis of Alabama, our latest hero who, just this week, not only protected her cubs but also shared her state of mind in a high-stress survival situation.

About 3am on 8/14 Martha was in bed when she heard a noise downstairs in her house. It turns out the noise was caused by a scumbag named Michael Jacobs breaking the door jamb and entering. She called police and awoke her two daughters, telling them to find something to protect themselves. She’d already grabbed her handgun.

When she spotted Jacobs at the bottom of the stairs she says she knew she’d have to pull the trigger. She warned him several times that she’d shoot. (I’m not sure I would have bothered with a warning. Friendlies don’t break down doors.) When he began to climb the stairs anyway, she fired. Jacobs then exited the house, and cops eventually found him bleeding in the yard. Follow-up information indicated he was at a nearby hospital, sedated because every time he woke up he became combative and had to be sedated again. His mother must be so proud of her darling boy.

In interviews Martha said she knew she couldn’t fight Jacobs off. Frankly, I think it’s stupid to try, unless that’s the only option you have. If you can stop an attack from 15 feet away then you darned well ought to do it; 30 feet would be even better.

She also said she never pondered whether she could pull the trigger, but in that scary situation she only contemplated when to shoot, worrying if he wasn’t close enough that she might miss. This is an excellent example to the rest of us. If you don’t have the guts to shoot then you’re only bluffing, and Jacobs gambled on calling her bluff. He actually advanced on her, knowing she was armed, and said, “Would you shoot me?” If you ever wonder if you could pull the trigger yourself, I suggest you decide the answer right now. If Martha hadn’t then this story wouldn’t have a happy ending. I also suggest if you’re not confident about hitting your target than you should get to the shooting range and practice until you are. If you need help envisioning a realistic self-defense situation, just imagine an arrogant criminal creep climbing your stairs and thinking to himself, “She’s just a woman. She doesn’t have the guts to shoot. When I get close enough I’ll snatch that gun and then Blondie will have to do anything I want her to!” Judge for yourself how good it feels to pull the trigger.

And finally, kudos to Martha for teaching her daughters to defend themselves as well. When she told them to find a weapon one grabbed an ax, one grabbed a knife. It’s absolutely marvelous that they got to witness her standing up for herself, especially when you consider what they may have had to witness if she hadn’t. Hopefully she’s also discussed firearms safety with them and even let them practice as well, if that’s appropriate. (The story doesn’t say how old they are.) One mama bear spawning two more sounds like just one more way to make this a happy ending.

Century 16 Needs More Armed Moviegoers

It’s disappointing but unsurprising how quickly the usual suspects have politicized the terrible cinema shootings in Aurora, CO. It’s disgusting, really. Politicians stand gleefully over the still-warm bodies and point at their various rivals, condemning them for allowing the carnage to happen. I’d say they ought to be ashamed of themselves, but it seems few politicians of any stripe have that quality. They are also at odds with the general population, 74% of whom do not agree with them. That is a huge majority with which to be so out of step.

So I’ve got a question for the gun control crowd. Suppose when James Holmes started shooting, an off-duty cop who happened to be in the theater recognized the danger early, pulled a gun out of his boot and shot Holmes. The headlines today would be holding him up as a major hero, and rightly so.

So why would it be different if an ordinary citizen were to pull her .38 special from her purse and pull off the same shot? Apparently the murderer had donned tactical gear, and I’m sure the mayhem was intense, but any ordinary citizen who could have gotten a good shot into the scumbag’s face, neck, shoulder, abdomen, etc., would undoubtedly be just as much a hero as our hypothetical cop. And rightly so. So what’s the difference? Well, politics and media are loaded with folks who don’t want you to know that literally hundreds of thousands of crimes are thwarted every year by regular citizens exercising their right to bear arms to defend themselves.

Now this is the point where the anti-gun zealots start knee-jerking the same old lame arguments, apparently believing that if you say the same dumb things enough times they become the truth. Cops know what they’re doing, and you don’t! You’re more likely to be shot with your own gun! You’re more likely to shoot a family member!

Even if these arguments weren’t based on ignorance, the fact remains that they (and all the others) are completely irrelevant in Aurora. To stop an armed bad guy you need an armed good guy, and if there had been just one armed good guy at Century 16 Cinemas then 70 people would have had a better chance.

- Papa Bear

Criminals Prefer Unarmed Victims

Yesterday morning I awoke to news that made my mind whirl round and round about self-defense and gun control. I am talking, of course, about the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Reports say that James Holmes, 24, of Denver, Colorado purchased a ticket to the midnight showing of ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.’ He took his seat and when the lights went down he exited out the back door, which he left propped open. He donned full tactical gear, including a ballistics helmet, a ballistics vest, a groin protector, throat protector, tactical gloves, and tactical leg gear. He gathered his AR-15 rifle, a Remington shotgun, a 40-caliber Glock handgun, and two canisters full of some sort of gas/irritant. He then returned to the theater through the door he left open. He tossed the canisters of gas into the theater. Fired some “warning” shots at the ceiling, then opened fire on the trapped movie-goers, leaving 12 dead and 59 injured, with some still in critical condition.

This is a nightmare brought to life. So, what could anyone have done? Well, interestingly while Colorado permits concealed weapons permits, the theater where this massacre took place was a “gun free zone.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean free guns for everyone. What that means is that law-abiding citizens are forced to leave their weapons at home or in their vehicle, rendering themselves and their families vulnerable to the criminal who doesn’t give a hang what kind of signs are posted. According to this website three US service members that may have been able to minimize the carnage were disarmed by the “gun free zone” and instead made them victims.

Admittedly, with all of the protective gear the shooter was wearing bringing him down or even slowing him down, defending yourself and others, would have been tricky to say the least. Most gas masks aren’t bullet proof, but trying pulling that shot off in a dark, foggy, panic filled theater. Bullet proof vests don’t turn someone into Superman. Even if some well-placed return fire from a handgun couldn’t kill him it would still cause the psychopath pain or at least give him pause. Still, could it have been done? Would trying have made matters any worse? The evil creep wasn’t pausing to pick his victims. He wasn’t taking hostages. He was just shooting, and shooting, and shooting some more. As hellish as it is to imagine being in that theater, try. If you were there, would you rather have a shot at defending yourself and your family or just be a fish in a barrel, a victim in every sense?

What are your thoughts?

Karma’s a Comedian

Well, you’ve probably already seen this, but just in case you haven’t it’s definitely worth sharing. Heck, I’ve seen it a dozen times and it still makes me chuckle.

Just a couple days ago two idiots entered the Palms Internet Cafe in Ocala, Florida with crime on their tiny minds. Unfortunately for them, 71 year-old patron Samuel Williams was already there and packing heat. I won’t spell out the whole story here, but you absolutely must watch the surveillance video of the attempted hold-up. [click here!] It’s the funniest thing you’ll see all day, watching an elderly gentleman chasing two punks out of the building with his gun. Make sure you watch to the very end, when one boob crashes into the other just trying to beat him out the door. Jerry Lewis was never this funny.

Just to finish up the facts, the idiots were Duwayne Henderson and Davis Dawkins, both 19 years old. Both were shot but not critically wounded. Both were arrested and charged with felony later in the day. Williams was completely within his rights to shoot them and will not be charged. Way to go, hero.

Junior Hero — Round 2

It’s almost a rerun of the previous post — with a less-deadly conclusion. A 14 year old in Phoenix was babysitting his three younger siblings about 4:30pm when a woman rang the doorbell. The children declined to open the door, just as they were taught to do. When someone started hitting the door the lad quickly ushered the younger kids upstairs, grabbing his dad’s pistol in the process, and returning to monitor the situation.

Next an armed man broke through the door and pointed a rifle at the boy, but the young hero fired first from the top of the stairs, hitting the criminal with a single shot and stopping the advance. The intruder, 37 year old Richard Fiore, was taken to a hospital in critical condition. He is expected to survive and be booked into jail as soon as he recovers enough. Police treated the boy’s actions with approval, saying he did “exactly what he should have done.”

Analysis: What else could Junior Hero have done here? Non-lethal defense products are great and they have their place, but here we have a determined attacker with a very deadly weapon. Even if you could get close enough to use a taser or a spray you’re still at a serious disadvantage.

Dial 911? The guy’s already in the house! The cops will show up just in time to identify your body. You’ve really only got two choices: Hide and hope the aggressor doesn’t have murder on his mind, or eliminate the threat. The cops were right; he did exactly what he should have done.

How could this family have been better prepared? Well, even if they had a home alarm most folks don’t have them on in the middle of a day when the occupants are at home. I don’t know what else could be done here besides making plans to educate the other three kids in the responsible handling of the gun.

Let’s Hear It For The Cubs!

I’m always impressed with folks who teach their kids how to responsibly handle firearms. There was a time when nobody thought twice about teenagers using guns; defending their familes when neccessary or hunting or sport shooting. I’ve known people who said years ago they took their rifles to school to refinish them in woodshop class. The jr. high school I went to actually has an indoor shooting range that many people don’t want to admit to anymore.

Well, obviously things have changed. We live in a time when major elements of society spend their lives trying to shame (and legislate) people into giving up the right to defend themselves. And they like to pretend stories like this one don’t exist.

In January of 2012 a 14 year old boy and his 17 year old sister were at home in Henderson, NC when someone began beating on the glass door, eventually shattering it. While the girl hid, the boy retrieved a shotgun.

When 19 year old Anthony Henderson came into the house and around the corner the unnamed boy shot him. Henderson stumbled back outside and died on the lawn. The sister called 911 to report what was happening, mentioning that her brother had a gun. The dispatcher got the brother on the phone and told him to put down the gun — an utterly contemptible request, in my opinion.

“Do not fire that firearm,” the dispatcher specifically told him. Incredible. Under what rationale does that make sense? The boy indicated he believed the intruder was not alone. Why in the world wouldn’t you keep a finger on the trigger? The situation is doubly maddening when you consider North Carolina’s Castle Doctrine, which states that homeowners have a legal right to assume intruders mean them ill will and to defend their homes.

As it turns out the boy was right. Three more men were involved in the crime, though it appears they left rather quickly when they noticed a gaping, bloody hole in their associate. Obviously, he had no way of knowing either of those things.

Police said they had no intention of issuing charges against the junior hero. At the time of the report one of the other intruders was in custody and two were still on the run.

Nightmare Averted!

WOW! Did you hear about this tough cookie in Georgia who turned every woman’s nightmare into a better day for her community?

The news stories never mention her name, but the woman was showering about 6:30am when the lights turned off. She got out of the shower and was immediately confronted by a knife-wielding man in a hood. Yeah, right there. In her house. He told her to move to the bed, but she fought back, struggling and then falling into the bathtub — a vulnerable position with few exits. But instead of capitulating she began trying to fight off the dirtbag with the shower curtain rod.

The story doesn’t detail how Ms. Hero got out of the bathroom except to say that the guy forced her into the bedroom, where she’d told him that she had money. I wish I could have seen the look on his face when she went to her nightstand and instead turned around with a .22 caliber pistol and shot him NINE TIMES.

Tough, smart, and a good shot. I love this girl!

The puke then ran out the back of the house but collapsed in the yard, and later died at a nearby hospital. He was a 34-year-old Cuban national and repeat offender named Israel Puentes. Police don’t know how Puentes picked his target, suggesting that he might have stalked her until an opportune time to attack. Neighbors reported seeing his car around the neighborhood on previous days.

Police conducted an investigation and concluded the attack was an attempt at sexual assault and that the woman was justified in the killing.

If we were to analyze this encounter a little bit, we might learn a few things for ourselves. Ms. Hero had a gun handy. Kudos to her for being prepared – it preserved her dignity and maybe her life. Since most folks don’t keep a gun in the bathroom, what else could she have done? An alarm system in her home would be a good idea. If that’s too spendy, there are a number of inexpensive localized area alarms that might scare off dirtbags.

It’s also worth noting that the guy could still run away after being shot several times. She’s lucky he decided to run away instead of pursuing the attack. We don’t know which parts of the body she put bullets into, but this is a lesson for us to learn accurate shot placement. If she landed nine shots in the right spot in the torso he probably wouldn’t have been able to run 40 feet before he fell over. It’s also an incentive to consider other size bullets besides 22. Shotguns can be excellent for home defense, even if you can’t fit them in your nightstand! :)

Now For a Bit of Good News…

From the Smile File: A few months ago Sarah McKinley, a young mother and recent widow, was at her home in Oklahoma when she heard someone trying to break into her house. Her husband had died just a few days prior and she was alone with her three month old baby. She did the smart thing and dialed 911, but before that she did a smarter thing: she retrieved her shotgun and handgun and prepared for the worst. When the guy came through the door she fired, and a miscreant named Justin Shane Martin died. The length of time it took cops to arrive is disputed, with the lowest figure at 14 minutes. Local police said she was fully justified in what she did.

Sarah single-handedly saved herself and her baby from who knows what fate. She also did us the favor of removing a little pollution from the gene pool. Call me insensitive but I doubt the guy was ever likely to be an asset to his community or the human race in general. Sarah’s husband died of cancer on Christmas Day. Speculation is that Justin probably read about the death in an obituary and came looking for any prescription drugs he may have left behind. Way to go Justin, for seeing a tragedy and finding a way to make it worse.

High-fives for Sarah and her husband or family or whoever else it may have been that supplied her with the means to defend herself and taught her how to do so.

I always love hearing about another Mama Bear.

You can read the whole story here.


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